Thursday, October 11, 2018

Current stress

You are behind schedule

Here is my current stressor.  My book challenge.   Every time I log into Goodreads, it reminds me that I'm behind.  I'm finishing a book a week, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.   I stay at 12 or 13 books behind.  

I have several books close to halfway finished, so I hope to finish them back to back and get down to 10 or 11 books behind.

I did start a mini book club with friends.   Three of us read very similar books, and we talk almost daily, so we decided we are going to organize ourselves and discuss what we are reading.   Two more friends tagged on to see what we were discussing.   Rules for book choices include availability on Kindle Unlimited and audiobook.   I think we can manage that.  I got to choose the first book - The Bette Davis Club.  Due on the 27th.

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