Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Disappointment in class

As part of my healing process, after foot surgery, I signed up for PE classes at the local community college. Both of my children and one of their friends are in the same class. I had taken a class with the same instructor over the summer, so he was already aware of my limitations from my foot.

The teacher had an evaluation on Monday, so he asked us all be there, so that he could show the evaluator that he had a full class. He does, but not everybody shows up everyday. A couple of days before the evaluation, I started having issues with my asthma. I got either is very mild cold or my allergies were acting up. I do have issues with coughing.  Once I get a cough, for whatever reason, the cough stays with me  for a very long time. I have allergy meds, an inhaler, and cough drops, which help me get through it.

I showed up on Monday, late, because we had an emergency at work that kept me overtime.  I walked in just as he was about to start class.  He lead us through twenty minutes of core exercises and asked some questions that will be on our written final.  This was fine.  I coughed a little, but not bad.

It comes time to do our individual workouts.  I had planned to walk on the treadmill to work on cardio.  Because I'm slow because of the foot rehab and the added cough, I can read on the treadmill.  I propped my kindle on the little stand on the treadmill and started off.   I had 22 minutes left in the book.  Perfect!  I could walk until the book was done.    

Three minutes later, I finish the book.   What happened?  I was all set.   It turned out that the book had a lot of blurbs about upcoming books.  I was disappointed, but was able to complete the 34th book of 2018.   And read the next chapter for my buddy read.  Thankfully, it was the Kindle and not a paper book.  Otherwise I would have had to cut my workout short.  

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