Wednesday, October 17, 2018

More challenges

Every time I get a cold, the cough lingers forever.  It slows me down to no end, because every time I move, I cough.  I take a deep breath, I cough.  I lie flat on the bed, I cough.  I don't sleep well because the cough keeps waking me up.  When I don't sleep, I can't concentrate on my reading.  I either get the book/kindle opened and manage to flip a few pages, or I open it and fall asleep immediately.  Getting nothing accomplished, either way.

I also can't work out because of the cough.  I usually am able to prop the kindle up on the treadmill while I walk.  I'm not getting the time on the treadmill because I can't catch my breath.

I have been forcing myself to get a chapter a day read of several books for several reasons.  It looks like I'm not making progress because the progress is thinned out over several books.  Hopefully, I'll be finishing several all at once.

As of now, I only have two things on my schedule for this weekend, so maybe I can get some reading done between those two things.

I need to get these books done by these dates.

All Systems Red complete by 10/21, 4pm for scifi fantasy bookclub
Black Beauty chapters read for buddy read
The Bette Davis Club complete by 10/27 for Vegas bookclub
She's Not There complete by 10/24 for Avenues bookclub
A Second Chance complete by 10/17 for SS10 Goodread challenge
Where Nobody Knows Your Name chapters read for buddy read

I should also read these, but I'm not on a real deadline.

Less I was supposed to have finished for Avenues bookclub, but I wasn't getting into it and I was getting sick
Winnie the Pooh I checked it out from the library and have renewed it multiple times, expecting to finish it.
Invisible Man I started it for non fiction bookclub, but ran out of time.

I also want to get the stack of paper books down so that the pile on my nightstand isn't threatening to topple over on me in my sleep.

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